Nooa and board games

Nooa is the cutest little gamer. He just loves to play with game boxes, trying to open them. His eyes just light up whenever he sees game boxes — particularly when I get some games in mail and there’s a bunch of games lying on the floor, he’ll go crazy. I’m wondering what’s going to happen when our 900 euro game order arrives… He’ll go completely bonkers, I believe.

Nooa also understands the word “lautapeli” (board game in Finnish). I was talking about games with Johanna, when Nooa jumped up, ran to the closet where I keep my games. I opened the door and he went and got Funny Fishing out — I keep it low in the closet so Nooa can reach it. He examined the pieces a bit, then promptly forgot about it.

Later I got him to collect the pieces and pack the game up. He closed the box (he still needs some practise with that, his style is cringe-inducing) and then went to put the game back to the closet — the game has a special spot there, Nooa will always put it in the right place (that’s the thing with one-year olds, for them things belong to a certain place and they’ll make sure everything’s in the right place, most of the time…). Such a cute little gamer!

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