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  • Peloponnes and Schildkrötenrennen

    We had scheduled a game of Greed on Wednesday’s game night, but that fell through. Some other time, then. I did get my copy of Greed back, I had borrowed it right after I got it, so I was finally able to take a proper look at it. It sure looks great. The cover is […]

  • Update on recent games

    I’ve been seriously busy writing my book and this blog is one of the things that has suffered. So, here’s a bit of an overview on recent gaming so you don’t feel all lonely and deserted here. I’ve played lots of kid’s games with Nooa. Das magische Labyrinth and Click Clack, mostly. I printed out […]

  • Mouse Carousel and Kids of Carcassonne

    I got some new children’s games to try out. Couple of them were instant hits (Zoowaboo doesn’t look like it’s really hot with two, so it’s still waiting) with Nooa. Mouse Carousel has six tubes and seven mice with different colours. There’s some cheese cubes on the middle of the tubes and to get to […]

  • Here’s a start!

    Johanna went shopping today and to my great surprise, bought a board game! She had found a copy of Piikkisiili (aka Polly the Porcupine), a children’s game that has an age recommendation of 3+ and won the Finnish award for the best children’s game in 2007. Since Nooa turned three a month ago, this was […]

  • First impression of Fits, some Steam

    I got myself a copy of FITS, the Tetris-like game from Ravensburger. It’s a fun little puzzler, where players must fill up the space with polyominoes — like Tetris bits, but this game also includes those with three or five squares. Each tile will appear exactly once in a random order and the rules are […]

  • Thursday session: Preußische Ostbahn

    I visited today’s board game club session quickly. Petri and Hannu were free and easy to rope into playing Preußische Ostbahn. I had a bonus, too, as a friend of mine (Sampo Sikiö) had recently done a new, much prettier board for the game. It’s wicked cool, too, and makes playing the game a lot […]

  • Silence coming

    I haven’t been terribly busy blogging here anyway, but I think I’ll warn you now: next year is likely to be the quietest so far for Gameblog. The first half or so, anyway, since our second child is due early January. In less than a month, that is! That, of course, is totally cool and […]

  • Games at Jyväskylä: Mahjong, Agricola

    I went to Jyväskylä with Nooa for the weekend and as usual, it means some games too. Their collection has grown enough that I don’t really have to bring any games with anymore, so this time I just brought a pack of mahjong cards with me. So that’s what we started with, six hands of […]

  • Nooa and board games

    Nooa is the cutest little gamer. He just loves to play with game boxes, trying to open them. His eyes just light up whenever he sees game boxes — particularly when I get some games in mail and there’s a bunch of games lying on the floor, he’ll go crazy. I’m wondering what’s going to […]

  • Funny Fisherman

    As promised to Iain (see his blog), I present you the Funny Fisherman: On the left, the Funny Fisherman is contemplating his catch while longing for more fish. On the right, he is seen sorting out his lines, searching for more fish — is he ever satisfied? No! He always wants more, more and more! […]