Thursday session: Race for the Galaxy

Race for the Galaxy box

Good games today: three rounds of Race for the Galaxy and one Fairy Tale. That was all we could manage: it’s slow going with new players. Our games took 45 minutes, 45 minutes and 30 minutes. Based on that, I’d say 20 minutes is doable with experienced players.

It’s good, it’s darn good and without a doubt the best game of the year (and probably last year, too). I once said, when asked for my ideal game, that something with a science fiction theme, quick playing time and multi-use cards. Well, this is it. Ideal? I don’t know, but it’s scratching so many itches I can’t count them all.

We had three players once, four players twice — no notable difference. There’s a difference between newbies and experienced players, though: the first ask many questions and have to be reminded to choose their next turn actions. Experienced players play and when they are finished, they start choosing what to do next turn. I prefer latter, and this is indeed the only fault in Race for the Galaxy: it is quite confusing for newbies, there are just too many moving parts I guess. I don’t know, really, because I find it all rather straightforward.

Anyway, I’m willing to bear the newbies, but I’m also really looking forward to playing this with folks who know the game and can play fast. That’s right now my idea of gaming heaven… There’s just so much to try and explore. Today I had excellent success with alien technology, despite a slow start and absolutely no consuming during the whole game (few very fruitful trades, though).

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