Queen Games in Scandinavia

Queen Games is expanding to Scandinavia, it seems, as I was just hired to translate their games to Finnish. It’s funny how this internet thing works, you just get interesting job offers out of the blue!

Once somebody wrote to me and said he enjoyed my blog and asked if I’d like to write about games in this magazine he’s editing. Well, that email got me a job as a columnist and has since lead to several magazine articles, two books and plenty of other interesting tasks (most recently setting up an internal wiki for a small publishing house!).

Now this! I’m translating Eketorp and Thebes. Eketorp seems like a rather splendid blind bidding game — somebody compared it to Edel, Stein & Reich on Geek, and that’s one of the games I dislike the most — but Thebes is somewhat more interesting. Nice to see them come out in Finnish, anyway.

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One response to “Queen Games in Scandinavia”

  1. Mikko, one piece of advice — use the German text for Thebes, not the English text. Some important rules are obscured (to the point that you can’t find them at all) in the English rules.