Agricola and aboutness

Agricola gets an update. The family board gets a new action and the day labourer action is altered. The new action (which goes in the empty spot on the family game board) is “Build stables and/or bake bread” and the day labourer now produces one food and one wood, clay, stone or reed. Also, the three-player game action card that produces one stone now produces one wood, stone, clay or reed. You can print the new stuff yourself, PDFs are provided at the Lookout Games website linked above.

The three-player game doesn’t need more wood or clay, but the reed is in short supply. In the family game, baking is a major bottle-neck with five players. Day labourer is also more interesting this way. So, I’d say these are good changes. I’m definitely going to try them, at least.

Journal of Boardgame Design hasn’t been updated in months. Well, a new entry was just posted: What is this board game about? is an interesting article about game concepts, linking of themes and mechanics. Go read it!

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