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Boardgaming Finland has done their first podcast in English. It’s an interview of Jussi Autio from Tuonela Productions, the creators of The Club.

I’m using Twitter these days, I’m msaari there. Actually, my priority feed is in (msaari there as well), I just automatically copy everything to Twitter as it’s the more popular service. If you’re new to this micro-blogging stuff, I recommend checking out, it’s a cool concept.

I think I’ll skip a larger session report for yesterday’s game session. Suffice to say we played half a game of mahjong with the World Series rules and it was very nice. I won, too, thanks to winning the first four out of eight hands and scoring one major hand.

After mahjong we played a game of Verflixxt! with the standard mix of stuff from both expansions (Flixxy, risk tiles, Verflixxt tiles, exact finish bonus points and hats). It was fun, even though we used one pawn too many for each player. Quite a crowded race!

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