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  • Gaming Year 2021

    Covid-19. The pandemic got better, and I got the vaccine shots. I returned to the board game cafe meetings in June. Things have become much better. The number of games I played dropped significantly from 2020: from 753 to 481. In hours, I went from 339 to 266. The main reason for this is Nooa, […]

  • Musing on mahjong

    Musing on mahjong

    I had a delightful opportunity to play mahjong recently. My son has always been into the game, and my daughter also got into it recently. She’s been interested, but the game has been too hard for her. Now that she’s 12, she can play. We were visiting my mother, who also plays, and while I […]

  • Gaming year 2008

    So, how was the year? Pretty wild, if you ask me. (See Gaming Year 2007.) Good new games (2007-2008 games) Dominion — Well, I played 28 games of this, and most of them outside BrettSpielWelt. That’s a pretty nice number, considering how late this game arrived. Everybody likes it, or at least doesn’t mind playing […]

  • Current affairs

    Boardgaming Finland has done their first podcast in English. It’s an interview of Jussi Autio from Tuonela Productions, the creators of The Club. I’m using Twitter these days, I’m msaari there. Actually, my priority feed is in Identi.ca (msaari there as well), I just automatically copy everything to Twitter as it’s the more popular service. […]

  • Games at Jyväskylä: Mahjong, Agricola

    I went to Jyväskylä with Nooa for the weekend and as usual, it means some games too. Their collection has grown enough that I don’t really have to bring any games with anymore, so this time I just brought a pack of mahjong cards with me. So that’s what we started with, six hands of […]

  • Thursday session: Riichi again

    After a quick round of Da Vinci Code, it wasn’t hard to get a Mahjong table going. There were more than four interested players. We used the new set I had bought. It’s a cheap set, made in China but Japanese in style. That means it’s small (the tiles seemed very small the first time […]

  • Another new project of mine: Mahjong-opas

    Since the Finnish mahjong resources are so scarce, I wanted to fix that. Thus, Mahjong-opas was born. Currently the site has some basic information on mahjong and the rules to the Chinese Official game and Riichi, but more will come — while it probably won’t be another Sloperama Mahjong FAQ, I’m interested in developing this […]

  • Thursday session: Mahjong, Bausack

    Our Thursday sessions have returned to Thursdays! We got our old location back now the university is again open in evenings. Actually, that happened last week, I just missed the first meeting. This time we had a nice turnout, I think we had four tables going on at the same time. My table was playing […]

  • 4 Winds Mah Jong again

    Yesterday I re-installed 4 Winds Mah Jong, now that I have a Windows laptop in addition to my Mac. It’s still as good as it was in 2002 when I bought it. The game shines when practising new rule sets, particularly those with minimum scores — always pesky for new players. Having a computer opponent […]

  • Thursday session: Mahjong

    We met yesterday for a session of Mahjong using the Chinese Official rules. Since the skill level in our table was very low — some Mahjong experience, but no COIR experience — we didn’t use the minimum point rule, which is a pain if you don’t know the scoring elements well. It was a fun […]