I haven’t been looking at Google Analytics for this blog in a long time. I was slightly surprised by the results, really. First of all — search (ie. Google) brings only about 60 % of the visitors. I’m used to much larger share. What’s even more odd is the amount of direct traffic, about 21 %. That’s a lot in my opinion.

My top keywords are three variations of “gameblog”: together, apart and with a hyphen. I don’t have really good keywords, really, but I get a lot of long tail searches for wildly different topics. I’ll just hope people find what they’re looking for…

What comes to content, this blog has very few killer entries. The front page is most popular, without any competition whatsoever. The front page has about 25 000 hits so far this year, while the ten most popular page has just 600 hits.

However, I managed to create something unique and attractive this year, and that’s the playing card reviews. That category has been a minor hit. I should do more of them, but unfortunately the new job I started in June killed that project.

Some hopeful was looking for “over sized naked playing cards, found my playing card reviews and bounced away, unsatisfied. Too bad… People are also surprisingly interested in the facial hair of playing cards.

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