Thursday session: Gulf, Mobile & Ohio and Frantic Frankfurt

Gulf, Mobile & Ohio

Gulf, Mobile & Ohio was requested, and I was happy to provide the game, especially as I had finally got the new board made by Sampo Sikiö printed. So, now we had new board and new shares, the same gorgeous style as the other Winsome Games Sampo has remade.

I played with Petri, Hannu and Robert. Petri and Hannu were also playing in the first session in November (which, it seems, I’ve forgotten to blog about), Robert was a newbie. The final results tell something about this game: Robert was dead last with 12 points, while Petri had 21, Hannu 23 and I won with 25.

Funny thing, about the result… At one point during the game, I scored two points for ridiculously low price of four dollars, as everybody else missed an obvious scoring opportunity. Those points would’ve belonged to Petri, I think, which would’ve meant a three-way tie at 23 points. Cool.

Hannu was swimming with money, but as he had mostly purchased cheap common shares, he didn’t have plenty of points. I got an early lead, which I was able to maintain. In the end, Hannu made a mistake. GEO started in Atlanta, I bought it for a large pile of money and scored a lot. Hannu could’ve bought it, but decided to save money for the next company. Unfortunately it wasn’t nearly as good and Hannu wasn’t able to catch me, not with all his money. Unlike Wabash and other similar games, GMO is only about points in the end, so you need to convert your money to points, while controlling cash flow to ensure future competitiveness. I had excellent efficiency in converting dollars to points, while Hannu had great cash flow but not enough points.

This time we had a clue and the game was a lot more meaningful than the last time. Robert lost badly, which kind of proves the point that you need that one game under your belt to grok this game. I like this one, another good railroad game from Winsome.

Frantic Frankfurt box

After GMO, we only had time for a short game. So, we played Frantic Frankfurt. Robert didn’t want to play Flix Mix, because he wanted to spare his brains, but agreed to join Frantic Frankfurt — which is of course at least four time as taxing. Classy move.

Frantic Frankfurt is a speed game, where players try to play their cards on common piles. There are only two rules. Cards have colours and numbers. You can either put a larger card over a smaller card of different colour, or you can put a smaller odd card over a larger even card of same colour.

Simple, isn’t it? Well, actually it’s everything but, especially as you have to play as fast as possible. I completely screwed up the first round. Which leads us to the main problem with the game: noticing mistakes — not to mention correcting them — is really, really hard.

If you don’t mind that and play with people who aren’t likely to cheat, Frantic Frankfurt is a fun challenge. I did really bad in the beginning, but then caught on and eventually won the game. Not a bad experience at all, quite an adrenaline rush actually.

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3 responses to “Thursday session: Gulf, Mobile & Ohio and Frantic Frankfurt”

  1. And remember, that Frantic Frankfurt has been the best selling game at Milan-Spiele for a couple of months now. Partly due to the fairly affordable price: 0€.

  2. About Frantic Frankfurt: I think you have a little mistake here. You can play any odd card on any even card in same colour. It doesn’t have to be smaller (although because of the other rule it usually is).
    And another little thing to point out: the awfully easy two-pointer for you in GM&O wasn’t for me to pick — that was one of the moments in the game when I actually didn’t have any money. So it’s only Petri and Robert to blaim for that one. A three-way tie should have been funny.

  3. So I won with an extra restriction? Well more power for me! I have the feeling that the odd cards were generally smaller than the even cards anyway.
    Yeah, you were out of money in GMO, but you could’ve noticed the move and pointed it to someone else =)