Board game auction

Today ends our large board game auction. We have couple of hundred games for sale. See the auction at Lautapeliopas. Feel free to participate, if you understand the instructions and can pick up your games at Helcon or from me.

I made a huge inventory cleanup for the auction, I’m selling over 40 games. Lots of small card games, but plenty of big boxes. It’s mostly games I don’t like, but also some really good games I haven’t played that much recently. There’s Catan, Puerto Rico, Kardinal & König, Wings of War, For Sale, High Society, Phoenicia, FITS, things like that. Looks like I might make 400 euros from the auction, and what’s best, I get lots of space in the board game closet so I can fit in new games.

Here’s a picture of just about every game I’m selling:

Auction games

(yes, there’s a copy of Age of Steam in there, but don’t worry, that’s my spare copy)

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