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  • Board game auction

    Today ends our large board game auction. We have couple of hundred games for sale. See the auction at Lautapeliopas. Feel free to participate, if you understand the instructions and can pick up your games at Helcon or from me. I made a huge inventory cleanup for the auction, I’m selling over 40 games. Lots […]

  • Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries for sale

    After seeing the prices Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries goes for in eBay, I decided this was an opportunity I probably shouldn’t miss (an opportunity to help my fellow geeks, that is). So, I’ve got one for sale myself: Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries (or Menolippu Pohjoismaat, to be exact). Starting price is $49.99, shipping […]

  • Princes of Neverland

    I noticed something: last time I played Princes of Florence was in January 2003. That’s bizarre. I was really into it at one point, but for some reason it never caught fire. I’ve played it whopping nine times since it came out five years ago, maybe half of those with someone else’s copy. That’s just […]

  • Jenseits von Theben

    To all the people anxious to help me to get rid of my extra copy of Jenseits von Theben, stay calm! I won’t do anything about it before next week when I get back home. Then I’ll probably see if there’s any interest in Finland, because that will be the easiest thing for me (Helcon-goers […]

  • Helcon expectations

    Today I’m heading to Helsinki and Helcon. I thought I wouldn’t take a huge load of games with me, but here I go, hauling one large bag and few smaller ones. If things go well, I’ll be able to sell most of those games and I don’t have to take them back. There are only […]

  • Middle-Earth cards for sale

    I quit roleplaying games earlier and now it’s time for CCG’s. After several years of silence, I finally got around to selling my Middle-Earth: CCG cards. It’s an excellent game, but I never play it. Thus, the best parts of my collection are available at Chris’ MECCG Home Page. The rest of it — a […]

  • Selling games

    I’ve sold some games of mine. Finnish readers might want to consult the list of games I’m selling or trading. It feels good, to get rid of useless games I no longer play. I’ve sold my German Settlers of Catan (I’m selling the English copy as well, hoping to replace them with Finnish version when […]