Playing cards and Dominion

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Here’s something geeky: an inventory of my playing cards.

Tarock (54 cards)

Wiener Veduten Tarock (Piatnik gift set w/ booklet)

Nr. 1934 (Piatnik)

Nr. 1936 (Piatnik)

Das Constitutions Tarock (Piatnik)

Cego (ASS)

Grazer Tarock (Piatnik)

Allerfeinste Kaffeehaus Tarock, nr. 1909 (Piatnik)

Luxus Tarock, nr. 1903 (Piatnik)

Tarot (78 cards)

Versailles (Carta Mundi)

Tarot de Marseille, Jean Noblet (Le Tarot)

Lo Tarot (Japon Brand)

Jeu de Tarot (France Cartes)

78 Cartes Super Luxe (Piatnik)

Hungarian Tarock (42 cards)

Ungarisches Ansichten Tarock (Piatnik)

Italian Tarocco (62-78 cards)

Tarocco Siciliano (Modiano)

Tarocco Bolognese (Modiano)

Tarocco Piemontese (Modiano)

Doppelkopf (2 x 24 cards)

Doppelkopf Deutsches Bild (ASS)

Doppelkopf Franz. Bild (Piatnik)

Standard 52-card packs (52-55 cards)

Caravelle, red x 3 (Carta Mundi)

Caravelle, blue (Carta Mundi)

100% plastic, red x 4 (Copag)

100% plastic, blue (Copag)

Anglo, blue (Offason)

Anglo, red (Offason)

Invisible Cards (Kikkerland)

Öbergs spelkort (Esselte)

Playing cards, red x 2 (Cart Classics)

Great Russia Standard, red (Piatnik)

Great Russia Standard, blue (Piatnik)

Binokel Gaigel (2 x 24 cards)

Binokel Gaigel, Württemb. Bild (Nürnberger)

Binokel Gaigel, Württemb. Bild (Piatnik)

Skat, Wilhelm Tell, others (32-33 cards)

Skat aus Berlin (?)

Skat Turnier Bild x 5 (ASS)

Skat (Couer?)

Mariàs dvojhlavy (Piatnik)

Wilhelm Tell Wilmos (Piatnik)

Magyar kártya, red (Piatnik)

Jednohlavé Hrací karty, Prager bild (Piatnik)

Zeleznicárské karty (Akord) (really cool train-themed pack!)

36 card packs

Russian souvenir pack (?)

Schnapsen (24 cards)

Doppeldeutsche Schnapskarten (Piatnik)

Schafkopf Tarock packs (36 cards)

Schafkopf Tarock, Bayerisches Bild (Piatnik)

Tarock Schafkopf, Bayerisches Bild (ASS)

Jass (36 cards)

Jass (Piatnik)

Spanish cards (40 cards)

32 (Fournier)

Barajas Espanolas (Piatnik)

Italian styles (40-52 cards)

Bresciane (Modiano)

Napoletane (Modiano)

Piacentine (Modiano)

Piacentine (Dal Negro)

Primiera Bolognese (Dal Negro)

Salzburger (Dal Negro)

Sarde (Modiano)

Siciliane (Modiano)

Toscane (Dal Negro)

Trevigiane (Modiano)

Triestine (Piatnik)

Triestine (Modiano)

The last game I played this year was Dominion, two games with Johanna. The year 2009 review is coming soon, I’ve got most of it done already. This session, by the way, pushed Dominion to over 50 plays, seventh game to reach such lofty heights (yeah, I don’t do a lot of repeat plays in general).

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4 responses to “Playing cards and Dominion”

  1. This is quite a collection of cards. I got a set of Gaigel/Binokel cards for Christmas, but I don’t know how to play either game. I was wondering if you have a set of rules in english for either/both of these games. Thanks for your help.

  2. I pieced together Gaigel rules from various German rules. I only have them in Finnish.
    Binokel is in David Parlett’s Penguin Book of Card Games, which is very much worth owning in any case.

  3. I have just bought some Ferd. Piatnik & Schne, Wien No 128 Union Tarock cards, they are postage dated 1900, but the green stamp on the back says, Andere Uebertretungen des Gesetzes uber den Spielkarten-stempel vom 15. April 1881 werdenim Sinneder 14, 15 und 16 ….dieses Gesetzes mit den darin festgestellten Strafen geahndet.
    can you please tell me, about these cards and is there any chance there is a book to go with them, or information on their meaning.
    Thank you kindly
    Jayne Magner

  4. There’s no meaning to them – they are playing cards, nothing else. I was able to find a picture of the pack online, and it looks like it’s the standard “Industrie und Glück” (does the Tarock number 2 have the imperial eagle with those words?) tarock pack, which is still used in Austria. They are excellent playing cards.