Dominion and a book

First, a question about Dominion. How’d you play this setup?

Moat, Chapel, Cellar, Village, Thief, Feast, Moneylender, Laboratory, Witch and Adventurer.

You can assume 4/3 starting hand. This is one of the setups for the Finnish Dominion Championships. I’m playing, but haven’t practised a bit, just a couple of games at BSW. I don’t like playing Dominion on BSW, so there’s a bit of a problem. Well, I’m naturally good, so I don’t need to practise.

I just translated the Alchemy Designer Preview in Finnish. The expansion seems interesting.

150 korttipeliäPictured right is the cover of my third book. The cover says “150 card games”, which is pretty much what the book contains. Basic games, some fairly important games missing from other Finnish books, some new stuff never before published in Finnish (lifted from Pagat and David Parlett’s books) and some games by David Parlett.

All in all, pretty neat package. It’s going to be quite a brick, over 500 pages. Writing a 500 page book was easier than I thought, but then again I did recycle quite a bit of material from my previous book.

Also, yesterday in addition of playing Atlantic Triangle, I also watched the guys playing Campaign Manager. I wasn’t keen on 1960, but this seems better — less tug-of-war.

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