Canal Mania 1.5

Canal Mania coverJust a quick note: we played another game of Canal Mania yesterday and used 1.5 edition rules — that is basic first edition rules, with canal scoring from the second edition. When you build a canal, you score the value of the contract immediately. Because that racks up points faster than usual, the goal is now ten points higher.

That still means the game is over faster, and I only built four canals (all fairly big, though). Ismo won, thanks to a larger network of canals. The changed rule meant the shipping was less significant and building was more important.

It was a good change, and I’m going to use it from now on. I should probably give junction canals a go, though I’m not sure if that’s a good idea without the modified city colours…

We also played Vasco da Gama, and I still think it’s a solid game. I left the game there, as they enjoy it and I don’t mind playing it every now and then when I’m visiting — I know it’d only gather dust in my collection.

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