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  • Weekend in Jyväskylä

    Last weekend in Jyväskylä was unusually active with board games. I had couple of games with me and managed to play several games of Puzzle Strike and some Stone Age, too. Stone Age was a bit of a hit, my mother in particular enjoyed it (like I guessed she would). And why not, it’s a […]

  • David V.H. Peters weekend

    We were in Jyväskylä this weekend. A pleasant weekend, again, children love visiting my mom, always a success. Johanna was with us and we could sneak to go eat a nice meal (my new food love: churros) and watch a movie (Limitless was pretty good, and it was fun to watch a movie knowing nearly […]

  • Last weekend: 7 Wonders, Dominion, Agricola

    Last weekend was another visit to Jyväskylä. I had bought them a copy of Dominion: Prosperity before — since most of my Dominion plays happen in Jyväskylä, I want to have those cards available. I didn’t take anything new with me, since there’s a decent collection of games available already. Here’s what we played: Dominion […]

  • Finca, 7 Wonders

    I’m visiting Jyväskylä again.  I saw my mother two weeks ago at my brother’s birthday party and gave her my Finca, so they could learn the game before I come to visit. This time it was a success, they’d played the game couple of times already so we could just jump in and play and […]

  • Canal Mania 1.5

    Just a quick note: we played another game of Canal Mania yesterday and used 1.5 edition rules — that is basic first edition rules, with canal scoring from the second edition. When you build a canal, you score the value of the contract immediately. Because that racks up points faster than usual, the goal is […]

  • Canal Mania

    Canal Mania is better, when everybody has some idea on how to play and manages to create a decent network of canals. We played a good game yesterday, despite the lack of training – I gave my mother and Ismo the game to learn, but they were busy with all sorts of shady ditch business […]

  • Vasco da Gama

    Vasco da Gama got the Jyväskylä treatment last weekend. We played a total of four games (twice with four, twice with three). It’s a pretty good game. Not great, but definitely worth giving a go and for those who like worker placement it should be a real pleasure. I’m not terribly keen on worker placement […]

  • Samarkand notes

    I had a fab weekend at Jyväskylä. The games were good, too. I had given my copy of Samarkand to my mom when they visited few weeks earlier, so they could play it couple of times before I get there. Busy as they were, they managed a couple of two-player games, so we only had […]

  • Recent gaming: Agricola + others

    I took the kids to Jyväskylä last weekend to see their grandmother. All in all a good visit, except not quite enough sleep for me, but that’s life with toddlers. Of course, board games were involved. In addition to playing a bit of Dominion (they’ve enjoyed it a lot, I’ve given my mother both the […]

  • Games at Jyväskylä: Mahjong, Agricola

    I went to Jyväskylä with Nooa for the weekend and as usual, it means some games too. Their collection has grown enough that I don’t really have to bring any games with anymore, so this time I just brought a pack of mahjong cards with me. So that’s what we started with, six hands of […]