Muumien purnukkajahti photos

As promised, here’s some photos. The game is somewhat obscure Muumien purnukkajahti, a Moomin-themed race game that won the Finnish Game of the Year award in the children’s game category. It’s a very boring roll-and-move game, the theme being the only good thing about it. Theme, and the nice wooden puzzle tiles that are used to build the track.

For larger versions, a click on the image should take you to BoardGameGeek (where you can also thumb the images if you like them, ahem). If you for some reason need even larger version (I limit the Geek photos at 2000 pixels), drop me a note.

Puzzle tiles from Muumien purnukkajahti
Puzzle tiles from Muumien purnukkajahti. Photo: Mikko Saari
Muumien purnukkajahti pawns
Race is on, yellow is in the lead. Photo: Mikko Saari

Both photos are taken on the same table, even though it looks different. First photo is with flash, the second without. These were the best shots in both categories (pile of tiles and game in play), even though I took photos of both with and without flash.

Without flash, the tiles looked cold and the flashless photos weren’t sharp enough. The game play photos, in the other hand, didn’t work out as well with flash. In the picture above, the colours are nice. I’m not sure about the depth of field — this was the best in the set, but I’m not completely satisfied. The blue pawn is in focus, but I wonder if the yellow pawn is too blurry.

Does somebody care about technical details? The first photo is taken with the basic EF-S 18-55 mm kit lens (43 mm, 1/60, f/5.0), the second with a 50 mm prime lens (1/60, f/2.0).

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2 responses to “Muumien purnukkajahti photos”

  1. Good pics. I prefer shooting without a flash, but find I get the result you’re talking about: a bit cold. That’s the reason I photograph in RAW format, which allows you to manipulate the white balance AFTER a picture is taken. I use either Digital Photo Pro or PaintShop Pro to “warm” the pictures prior to conversion to JPG.