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  • Blogger in photo

    Another one, courtesy of Sampo Sikiö:

  • March 2011 Picture of the Month

    My photo (shown below) is currently in the lead in the March 2011 Picture of the Month contest! It’s a close race, though, as at the moment the next best photo  is just five votes behind (106–101). That other photo is by Mark Klassen, the current hall of fame #1 (fortunately he was third last […]

  • Weekend games, photo edition

    Here are some game photos from last weekend (session report here). Most of the photos are from Flickr, as not all can be uploaded to Geek. That’s a dilemma, there – take photos of popular games, well, Geek’s full of them already. Take photos of unpopular games, and nobody’s looking at them. In any case […]

  • Let’s Catch the Lion photoshoot

    I took some photos of Let’s Catch the Lion. It’s a tremendously cute game and well worth all the photos. I still haven’t really played it — I should start carrying it for our game meetings in case there’s a short two player opportunity — but thought I’d give it a go as a photoshoot […]

  • Mania! photos

    MANIA! is a Finnish card game. It has bunch of cards and bunch of games. From the original description, I thought the cards would be almost a regular pack, but there are actually a lot more cards in various suits and colours. The rulebook lists seven different games, some variations from classics, some more innovative. […]

  • Muumien purnukkajahti photos

    As promised, here’s some photos. The game is somewhat obscure Muumien purnukkajahti, a Moomin-themed race game that won the Finnish Game of the Year award in the children’s game category. It’s a very boring roll-and-move game, the theme being the only good thing about it. Theme, and the nice wooden puzzle tiles that are used […]

  • Goal for 2011

    I’m working on the gaming year 2010 report (it’s a long one, this year, so don’t expect it any time soon), which brings me to 2011. I’ve got a goal set up for 2011: I’m finally going to get that Golden Image Uploader badge at BoardGameGeek. Getting the badge requires 100 pictures, each with at […]

  • Photographed!

    I was photographed yesterday in the board game club: Left is Hannu, right is me — we’re playing Le Truc. In the picture you can see my refined shuffling technique (and the beautiful wall decor of our board game dungeon; thank heavens the picture is in black-and-white).

  • Funny Fisherman

    As promised to Iain (see his blog), I present you the Funny Fisherman: On the left, the Funny Fisherman is contemplating his catch while longing for more fish. On the right, he is seen sorting out his lines, searching for more fish — is he ever satisfied? No! He always wants more, more and more! […]

  • HelCon II + others

    I posted some HelCon II pictures at my gallery. There are also some pictures of Finstere Flure, Attika, Amun-Re, Age of Steam and Tigris & Euphrates, all taken at HelCon.