Let’s Catch the Lion photoshoot

I took some photos of Let’s Catch the Lion. It’s a tremendously cute game and well worth all the photos. I still haven’t really played it — I should start carrying it for our game meetings in case there’s a short two player opportunity — but thought I’d give it a go as a photoshoot object.

I’ve been thinking about lenses, so part of the motivation here was to try using 24 mm focal length on my zoom lens to see how that works, as one lens I’ve been thinking about is the Sigma 24 mm lens — perhaps that would be wide enough for capturing board views while sitting by the table, while still long enough to take nice close up photos.

The whole board shot, the lions and the photo with all the pieces are 24 mm photos, rest are 55 mm. It’s nice, but I think I’m still going to stick with the kit lens and the 50 mm lens for now, until I get a better idea of what I’m missing.

In any case, I’ve expanded my camera gear now with an external flash unit and — more importantly — a tripod (Monkeypod, a Gorillapod ripoff). That’ll come handy. I’m also working on a DIY lightbox, just to see what I can do with that.

Again, the photos are links to BGG, where you can find bigger versions and thumb them, if you like them. Still a long way to that Golden Image Uploader badge (I should photograph more popular games, probably).

Chick and chicken from Dobutsu Shogi
Chick promotes to a chicken. Photo: Mikko Saari
Elephant and giraffe from Dobutsu Shogi
The elephant and the giraffe move in four directions. Photo: Mikko Saari
The lions from Dobutsu Shogi
The mighty lions move in every direction. Photo: Mikko Saari
All pieces from Dobutsu Shogi
All the pieces. Photo: Mikko Saari
Dobutsu shogi setup
The board set up for a game. Photo: Mikko Saari

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