Slovenian Tarok and others

A good game session today! It’s been a while since I last played Slovenian Tarock, so I was very glad to give it a go when Hannu suggested it and another Mikko was eager to join. Ville joined us as a new player, and was soundly beaten.

We managed a good 13 hands, with all sorts of interesting hands played. The biggest ones were a beggar from the other Mikko (properly executed, too) and a solo three from me, also successful. We also had a klop round, which Ville blew. He should’ve said two…

It was great fun, especially as I managed to win, despite some fumbling. When Mikko played his beggar, he took the lead by two measly points over me. Well, I then played two successful hands, securing a nice 250-point margin… Gorgeous. Tarok is a fun game that seems to encourage lots of rather entertaining table talk.

I almost left my camera home, because after all, card games are pretty hard to shoot. Well, I did capture this shot of a decent hand. (Yeah, that’s my thumb, isn’t it pretty!)

A hand of Tarock cards
A pretty good hand, I'd say! Photo: Mikko Saari

While waiting for the others, me and Hannu played two swift rounds of Lamarckian Poker. I think I have a convert here… In the first game I managed four queens, but in the second, Hannu beat me with a seven-card straight flush. Not too shabby. We finished with a game of Marrakech, where Ville got some payback, scoring just one point less than everybody else combined (82, 59, 14, 10).

Carpets at the bazaar
I'm playing red and already dominating that corner. However, the yellow carpets turned out even more attractive and costly… Photo: Mikko Saari

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