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  • Slovenian Tarok and others

    A good game session today! It’s been a while since I last played Slovenian Tarock, so I was very glad to give it a go when Hannu suggested it and another Mikko was eager to join. Ville joined us as a new player, and was soundly beaten. We managed a good 13 hands, with all […]

  • Lighter games and Tarock

    With my regular Wednesday games cancelled thanks to Johanna’s plans, I had to come up with something else. A friend has a game day every Monday, so I went and checked out that party. It was good, so maybe I’ll join them again some other time. We had planned some Tarock, but were missing few […]

  • Gaming year 2008

    So, how was the year? Pretty wild, if you ask me. (See Gaming Year 2007.) Good new games (2007-2008 games) Dominion — Well, I played 28 games of this, and most of them outside BrettSpielWelt. That’s a pretty nice number, considering how late this game arrived. Everybody likes it, or at least doesn’t mind playing […]

  • Thursday session: Preference, Metropolys, Tarok, Dolmengötter

    Another excellent game session this week! When I arrived, PitchCar sessions were over and people were choosing the next games. Hannu quickly got me and Gargoyle to join him in a game of Preference. Gargoyle was a newbie to this game, but he’s no stranger to traditional card games so he learnt quickly. It sure […]

  • Thursday session: Wabash Cannonball, Tarot

    Thanks to series of unexpected delays, I waited and waited for my copy of Wabash Cannonball. Apparently there were problems in just about every part of proceedings. Well, the game did arrive last Wednesday, just in time for our Thursday games. I don’t mind the delays now that I have the game, so thanks JC, […]

  • Thursday session: Dolmengötter, Vegas Showdown, Tarot

    Die Dolmengötter is an ugly game. The theme is also silly: the game is abstract as heck, and while I understand that theming it must’ve been a real struggle, one wonders if this is a game that should simply be an abstract without any attempt at theme. Thomas Odenhoven’s other game, Portobello Market, works better […]

  • Hot games for Q4/2007

    And here’s the one final bit of trivia for 2007, the hot games for Q4. Shouldn’t be any surprises in store, but it’s good to have this one link in the chain of quarterly reports! Goodness continued from the previous quarter as the Thursday games were still in. Agricola is hands down the hottest game […]

  • Thursday session: Xiangqi, Tarot, Tichu

    We had to do a last-minute location switch because university is already closed for Christmas. Well, four players gathered at the bar we chose to play in. Not bad, really, as four is all you need… Jaakko was first to arrive and as I had set up a Xiangqi board to go through some example […]

  • Thursday session: Slovenian Tarok, Ottocento

    When I arrived, the guys were already playing Mhing. No problem: I dealt myself in and joined the game. It’s flexible that way… Didn’t win the first hand, obviously, but in the second, I got out on what, fourth or fifth card. Getting three jokers in the deal sure helps. My hand was a true […]

  • Thursday session: Tarot, Ubongo

    Yesterday’s session started with a quick round of Larry Levy’s WYSIWYG. It’s an advanced version of German Whist, a trick-taking game for two players. Players bid for the right to become a declarer and choose trumps. In the first phase players collect new cards to fill their hands with (two cards are shown, winner of […]