New photoblog

BoardGameGeek recently reintroduced the blog feature. I thought ‘why not?’ and started a photoblog using the Geek blog system. I’m posting board game photos there, discussing photography. It’s a simple interface, easy to add Geek photos and drop a few lines of text, and the audience is already there.

There was already some interesting comments in my Poseidon entry.

Here’s the RSS feed, or check the latest headlines from the blog sidebar, or subscribe to it on Geek.

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2 responses to “New photoblog”

  1. Hello Mikko and readers of this blog,

    I’ve seen that you’ve had the same idea as me.
    I’ve also started with a photoblog (in the beginning also on the geek, but now only on my own blog), so if you like you’re always welcome on my blog.
    I am not a professional photographer, but I try to make nice, funny pictures about boardgames, sessions, …

  2. I looked at your photos. Most of them could use a bit of white balance adjustment, they look very yellow to me, but there were good ideas and otherwise fun shots. Thanks!