Children’s games update

I haven’t been blogging about playing games with Nooa, but that’s a fairly big part of my gaming (and counting games played, the majority of what I play). Here’s some recent highlights.

  • Kids of Carcassonne. Nooa loves this one these days and suggests it a lot. The box says 20 minutes, which is far off — we played ten games in 30 minutes the other day. So yeah, this is a fast one. I like it myself as well, which makes it just about perfect. If we keep playing with this rate, this’ll be my most-played game ever by the end of the year…
  • Geistertreppe. The other big favourite. This gets lot of requests from Nooa.
  • Bunte Runde. My latest acquisition. This is one of the top fillers ever, really. Great with adults (with the left-hand-scoring variant), fun with kids. I’m very glad to own a copy.
  • Minotaurus. Nooa loves this Lego game, I… well, less so. The game can take quite a while if both players keep on rolling walls… Not the worst game ever and I’ll play if Nooa asks for this, but I won’t suggest.

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2 responses to “Children’s games update”

  1. No, I haven’t… Looks nice, though. Want to send me a review copy ?-)

    Yeah, Nooa wants to play “adult Carcassonne” every now and then, that’s fun too, just without farmers.