Stone Age, Moto Grand Prix

Last Wednesday was another successful afternoon of games, with plenty of people playing games. I started with Jälkipeli, since I had learnt that I had got one small but critical rule wrong. This ruined the game, particularly with three players. Too bad I had already written a review of the game based on the wrong rule. The designer posted a somewhat annoyed comment on my site… No wonder, we were talking about two different games.

We now played the game with correct rules and three players, and it was a blast. Well, at least it was much better. A real game. I’ve since updated my review — the joys of web publishing — and apologized.

The guys played Moto Grand Prix last week. Petri wanted to give it another go, my brother was willing so I just tagged along. Turns out it’s a boring dice fest. We used some of the advanced rules, but the game still felt a bit too devoid on strategy. The basics I get: avoid ending moves in tight curves, try to judge when and how to use your precious engine points, yes, but the game just felt a bit too simple. We raced six laps on the shortest course in the book, and it felt a bit too long to sustain interest.

Next up we started Stone Age, a game I’ve wanted to try for a while. I even bought it. We had to interrupt it to play some 10-player games of The Resistance and unfortunately I had to leave before we could finish the Stone Age, but it seemed like a promising game. Not A-list great, but good, solid worker placement game with interesting options. I’ll definitely play more.

The first game of The Resistance was awfully boring, but the second game was much better. I was part of the evil red team. The first mission: three red team members are named, they all play blue cards. Clear. Next mission: all four red team members are named, I’m forced to play my card open, exactly one red card is played. After that how could we lose?

The Resistance has the same problem I find other similar games to have: it’s often dreadfully boring. Perhaps with the plot cards and less players it would be better.

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One response to “Stone Age, Moto Grand Prix”

  1. Stone Age has beautiful board… but the gameplay becomes quite soon repetitious. When you’re looking for decent worker placement / area control, I’d suggest Liberte instead. But of course – your mileage may vary and everybody has an opinion 🙂