Tulipmania, Terra Evolution and Felix

Good games yesterday. We managed to get through four games in one evening.

  • Tulipmania 1637 is a pretty cool game of a bubble market that heats up and crashes. Somehow the game felt a bit flat, though. I want to give it another go, but next time it’s five players or nothing (now we had four, and I have a feeling that fifth player will improve the game).
  • Terra Evolution with four was less interesting than with two. The price of the disasters is too high, I think, if you hit someone else with one you both lose compared to everybody else. Works better with two, in my opinion.
  • Quo Vadis? offered the best entertainment of the evening. Delightful game, but somewhat sensitive to having the right players.
  • Felix: Cat in the Sack is a fun little auction game, where it seems the best thing to happen is to be last player to pass (guaranteed a nice pile of money, which gives points and flexibility). Being the first to pass sucks, but winning the auction is not always that great, either… Clever.

Playing Tulipmania 1637

Felix: Cat in the Sack

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3 responses to “Tulipmania, Terra Evolution and Felix”

  1. Tulipmania… one of my favourite (stock) market games. Actually I think that it’s best with 4p – more players you have, shorter the game usually will be. As you didn’t mention why the flat feeling, can’t also guess if the fifth player would improve the game. Anyhow – more you’ve played it (compared to others), greater advantage you have.

  2. Hmm… the game was kind of neat first, but when the first bubble burst, lots of interesting tension ran out. I thought maybe the fifth colour of tulips would help make things more interesting. I don’t know, I’ll have to try this one again. So far my favourite stock market game is Black Friday — have you tried it and if you have, do you like it?

  3. Yes, the tension of first bubble… luckily after that there will be lots of money thrown into game, so you can get nice piles of $$$ when somebody speculates with their own cash.
    I haven’t had chance to play Black Friday so far… it’s in my to-be-played list but first I’d like to find players and try again Wealth of Nations. Aren’t there any economy game conventions among others in Finland? 🙂