Mystery Rummy + more

I’ve been selling games. My collection is now 300 games, including expansions. That makes my personal collection about 250 titles, as we have about 50 kids games. My previously owned count at BGG now says 308. I suppose I can be considered an active game trader.

I’ve recently sold Blue Moon (complete set, except promos), Evolution, Black Friday and Offboard.

Recent plays…

  • Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper has been on my watchlist for years and years (ever since I read From Hell graphic novels back in 2005 or so). I finally got the game last year and played it for the first time last week. It’s a complicated game, so some mistakes were made, but then it rolled pretty smoothly and I think we got some idea of what’s going on in the game. It is pretty good. I like Rummy, and this is an interesting variant with interesting complications.
  • Black Friday got the boot. I played the game last week, and we had a pretty bad game. Thanks to early black briefcases, the economy went bust a bit too soon, leading to a 90-minute game (instead of 50–60 minutes as it should be). Bah. The game has potential, but it’s also more fiddly than I like. I sold it.
  • Battle Line is one of true classics. I got to introduce it to someone who hadn’t played it before. He loved it, and we played six rounds.

I took my son to the board game club the last time. He was very thrilled about it, very excited. Too bad nobody wanted to play with us. We got one four-player game of Marrakech (Nooa won!), then we played two-player games. Fun, but we can play two-player games at home. Ok, there weren’t that many players and I understand playing with five-year-olds isn’t very high on most people’s wishlist when they come to the board game club, but it was still a bit of a disappointment. However, Nooa definitely wants to go again.

By the way, if you need a scoring app for iOS, try Basic Score Keeper. It’s free and flexible.

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