Lord of the Rings: Confrontation in Finnish

I haven’t played Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation a lot in the recent years. Well, expect that to change. My son, now six years old, is a huge Lord of the Rings fan, mostly because of LotR LEGOs. I figured out he might enjoy the game, so I whipped up some Finnish translations for the character texts (he can read, but only in Finnish, of course). That was quite easy: just scan in the tiles, paint over the texts, add new texts, print out, cut and paste.

Finnish LotR: Confrontation tiles
Black Rider and Merry from my Finnish set. I didn’t translate the character names, as those were harder to clear out.

And now I have a Finnish-language edition of Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation, which is cool. The game’s a bit difficult for my son, I think, but he can win, if I play a bit sloppy. He’ll learn.

I think I should also get myself a copy of the old Knizia co-op Lord of the Rings, there’s a Finnish copy available and while I kind of got bored of the game ten years ago or so, I think it might be just fine with my son and since it’s a co-op, his little sister could probably join our games as well, which would be a bonus.

I did play some games last week, too. Some more Coup with four players this time. I still quite like it, but seems my game group doesn’t. At least Tuomo hates it and Ville rated it a five…

The Resistance: Avalon is pretty cool and we had good fun with it, even though we only had five players. Decent game, excellent session. I particularly enjoyed the second game, where I was rather convincing in the final round, leading our good guys to victory. The bad guys claimed I was Merlin (if they manage to correctly name Merlin, they win even when good guys would otherwise win), but alas, I was just the nameless loyal follower. It helps, when your neighbour sniggers during the eyes-closed phase of the game…

Africana with two was quite passable, but I decided to sell the game – it’s not particularly interesting to me. There are other games I’d rather play.

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