Small refreshing

Time for some changes, even though I rarely update this blog these days. Still. This is perhaps the third or fourth new look for the blog, and that’s not much in twelve years.

Time to go modern. The new look is the new default theme from WordPress 4.1, Twenty Fifteen. I like it, it’s clean, modern and easy to read. It should work quite well with mobile devices, too.

The sidebar now features images from my Instagram feed, instead of my Flickr photostream. I still post to Flickr, but I post to Instagram more, and my Instagram feed is maybe 95% board games, so it’s quite relevant.

The green colour didn’t go anywhere, but I changed the exact shade. This time it’s railroad-inspired, a particular shade of Brunswick Green used on passenger locomotives on British lines.

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2 responses to “Small refreshing”

  1. It looks good. There are two train museums near me at Didcot and Swindon and there are plenty of steam engines in Brunswick Green. Didn’t know it was a standard.

  2. I thought you’d appear here =)

    I was looking for shades of dark green, and first thought about going for British Racing Green, but as soon as I spotted this train-related shade of green, I knew it must be this =)