Mythic Boros Aggro, now with Alchemy

Karlach, Raging Tiefling

Last month I made it to Mythic on Magic: The Gathering Arena with a Boros Aggro deck. Well, that deck still works, as this month, I repeated the achievement (my sixth Mythic rating). However, I used an Alchemy variant of the deck for some variety this time.

As before, the deck is from DoggertQBones, who creates good decks. In practice, I’ve been running some kind of hybrid form of the non-Alchemy deck I played last month and the Alchemy deck from DoggertQBones, as I haven’t had all the rare wildcards required.

Here’s the lineup of the deck when I reached Mythic:


4 Hopeful Initiate
4 A-Luminarch Aspirant
1 Sigardian Evangel
1 Bloodthirsty Adversary
2 Karlach, Raging Tiefling
4 Brutal Cathar
1 Sunrise Cavalier
3 Ulder Ravengard, Marshal
4 Thundering Raiju

Instants, sorceries and enchantments

4 Kumano Faces Kakkazan
4 Play with Fire
1 Valorous Stance
4 Roil Eruption


3 Den of the Bugbear
2 Furycalm Snarl
4 Needleverge Pathway
8 Plains
6 Mountains

Still nothing from Streets of New Capenna, but a couple of hot new cards from Alchemy Horizons: Baldur’s Gate.

I’m still missing Uthgard Fury, which should replace Valorous Stance. Not a critical omission, I suppose, even though Uthgard Fury is a solid card. This deck is less hasty than the original. Still, Karlach is pretty solid. Ulder Ravengard is just obscene when it starts cloning Thundering Raijus, for example. Too bad the game is usually over at that point.

Alchemy is a pleasant environment. There are a couple of pretty annoying decks, but nothing too nasty. When the standard rotation hits, this deck will lose the Luminarch Aspirants. That’s a solid card but should be replaceable. Losing the Roil Eruptions will hurt; hopefully, I can find something to replace them. Red does have plenty of burn spells. Losing the Pathways will hurt this – and many other decks – but we’ll see what kind of dual lands the new sets bring.

I’m also interested in what mono green decks can offer in Alchemy – something with Forceful Cultivators and Jukai Liberators. But I’m missing all those cards now, so that’ll have to wait…

The deck laid out

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