Category: Essen 2005

  • Essen pictures

    Last night I went and uploaded my pictures, which can be found in my Essen 2005 photo gallery. It’s a small set of 80 or so pictures, but at least it’ll give you some picture of what was going on. Have fun!

  • Saturday, day three: Crowds and games

    Last day of the fair! Sunday would be a definite no, since we have to leave for the airport before the fair actually opens. At the breakfast, there were a lot more people than before — the first sign of the weekend action. Lots of guys I had seen at the Gigantoskop stand were there, […]

  • Friday, day three: Games, games, games

    Here’s what happened yesterday: Today was the day! I went downstairs to use the hotel laptop to send my reports, which I did, and then headed back to the room. I glanced towards the dining room, and who did I see? Reiner Knizia, of course, and he was just leaving. As he wasn’t eating, I […]

  • Thursday, day two: Shopping for games

    The morning started off quite well. We were having breakfast, when I suddenly noticed a familiar-looking gentleman in a salmon-coloured shirt: herr Knizia! I wasn’t quite brave enough to go talk to him, but maybe I’ll ask for his signature tomorrow, as I now have a game to ask it to. It would be neat […]

  • Wednesday, day one: arrival

    Good news! The hotel has a computer I can use, it has a DSL connection and it accepts my USB memory card reader. So, I bring you: live reports from Essen, Germany! (I apologize if I mix my Y’s and Z’s, as the German keyboards are funny that way.) My travelling companions Ismo and Raija […]

  • Essen 2005

    Unless something force majeure -level happens, I’m going to Essen next year. I already booked a hotel room, too. My current choice is Hotel An der Gruga, which is slightly on the expensive side, but has a brilliant location. Find P3 on Mik’s Essen Hall guide and yeah, that’s where the hotel is! 500 meters […]