Essen 2005

Unless something force majeure -level happens, I’m going to Essen next year. I already booked a hotel room, too. My current choice is Hotel An der Gruga, which is slightly on the expensive side, but has a brilliant location. Find P3 on Mik’s Essen Hall guide and yeah, that’s where the hotel is! 500 meters or less to the hall entrances. I reckon if I have to pay 140 euros a night for a double room, it better be in a good location.

Turns out, by the way, that surprising many hotels are already booked up for Essen 2005. I guess the people who use the smaller hotels near the fair center book them every year. Well, Gruga should be nice enough, so I’m not complaining.

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4 responses to “Essen 2005”

  1. Mikko…
    …don’t know for sure if it’s gonna work out, but I’m hoping to make Essen myself this year. Would be a kick to finally meet you (and many others) face to face.
    fluff daddy

  2. Hey Mikko, i just booked at the an der Gruga for next year as well:) After this year and trekking from a long way away to the fair and back every day, it definitely made more sense to stay so close to the hall, if only to be able to go back and forth to drop games off and rest. Looking forward to seeing you there:)

  3. I want to go for the first time next year as well. I will be going with my pal Michael who goes every year. We will have to hook up. :o)

  4. If we don’t meet at the fair itself, we could certainly meet afterwards for some evening games at the hotel. At least my hotel is practically near =)
    Now I’m just hoping nothing happens that stops me from going. Restrictive work is the most probable problem.