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  • 1830 and 1873 over

    Finished more play-by-email 18xx games. Four-player 1830 was a disaster — well, to everybody but Kimmo, who won 2187-834-703-426 after a bankruptcy. The three of us were all close to bankruptcy, but it was Neeme who eventually pulled the trigger. He could’ve passed a train between two companies, but there’s not much point to it, […]

  • Through the Ages and 18xx

    I’ve been playing some Through the Ages recently on Boardgaming Online. Turns out it’s one of those games I like less the more I play. The way the civilizations are built and everything is abstracted I still consider brilliant, but I’m getting more and more frustrated in the military aspects of the game. It’s the […]

  • Gaming Year 2010

    Gaming year 2009 wasn’t terrific, but 2010 was. By numbers alone, I played a lot more games than last year. However, the biggest reason 2010 will go down in history as a good board game year was Nooa. I played well over hundred games with Nooa — actually, I played with Nooa about as much […]

  • Simtex 1830

    I finally managed to play a game of 1830 with the SimTex computer version. I’ve tried before, but for some reason I haven’t done it… Now I got a reason so I played a game today. It was fun and I’ll definitely try it again. The reason? I’m trying 1830 play-by-email, we’re running a game […]

  • JunaCon: 1830, Preußische Ostbahn

    Yesterday I made a trip to Turku — two hours driving each direction — just to play two games. Crazy? Well, one of the games was a five-hour game of 1830. Still crazy? Well, I like being crazy that way. It was my first go at this most significant game in the 18xx family. We […]

  • Helcon notes, 2009 edition

    Helcon was last weekend. The event was again great success, with lots of good games available. Running the event just week after Essen proved a bit problematic, as some of the games arrived from Essen on Friday, barely in time. I did a day trip for the first time, driving to Helsinki in the morning […]

  • Hobby Games: The 100 Best

    This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Affiliate links are marked with a €. I’m a tad late with this, I know, but I just finished reading Hobby Games: The 100 Best, which I liked a lot. It’s a collection of hundred short essays on games. […]