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  • Leaders of Cornucopia

    Last Wednesday saw the first tests of two hot new expansions, Dominion: Cornucopia and 7 Wonders: Leaders. We played two games of Dominion, both with lots of Cornucopia cards. These seem fine to me. Tournament is apparently one of the strongest cards in the set and one of the strongest cards in the whole game, […]

  • Last weekend: 7 Wonders, Dominion, Agricola

    Last weekend was another visit to Jyväskylä. I had bought them a copy of Dominion: Prosperity before — since most of my Dominion plays happen in Jyväskylä, I want to have those cards available. I didn’t take anything new with me, since there’s a decent collection of games available already. Here’s what we played: Dominion […]

  • Weekend games, photo edition

    Here are some game photos from last weekend (session report here). Most of the photos are from Flickr, as not all can be uploaded to Geek. That’s a dilemma, there – take photos of popular games, well, Geek’s full of them already. Take photos of unpopular games, and nobody’s looking at them. In any case […]

  • Gaming Year 2010

    Gaming year 2009 wasn’t terrific, but 2010 was. By numbers alone, I played a lot more games than last year. However, the biggest reason 2010 will go down in history as a good board game year was Nooa. I played well over hundred games with Nooa — actually, I played with Nooa about as much […]

  • Notes on 7 Wonders

    We played seven games of 7 Wonders this weekend, all with four or three players. Less is better, what comes to players. There’s more control, more cards come back to you and you can more easily focus on your opponents as well. The game plays fast with experience. It does feel a bit samey. Seven […]

  • Finca, 7 Wonders

    I’m visiting Jyväskylä again.  I saw my mother two weeks ago at my brother’s birthday party and gave her my Finca, so they could learn the game before I come to visit. This time it was a success, they’d played the game couple of times already so we could just jump in and play and […]

  • 7 Wonders box

    Just look at this pretty little 7 Wonders box: Of course there’s no scale in the picture, but the artwork is cut from the 7 Wonders box insert (which was so weak and wonky I didn’t feel at all bad ruining it for good), so you can guess from that. The box is a Alea […]

  • Catching up

    I’ve been too busy to blog, so I’m going to compress two weeks of games to one post. Can I do? Yes! String Railway. A hit! We played this one last week and this week. I’ve so far only played the five-player game, because everybody wants to play. I like this one a lot. There’s […]

  • Shopping – final list

    Here’s what I ended up getting this season: Winsome Essen set. Almost missed this, but fortunately everything’s now secure. I’m most interested in SNCF, which should be sweet, but Texas & Pacific is also interesting. West Riding Revisited less so, as I didn’t fancy the old West Riding and I don’t really need more long […]

  • Shopping

    I’ve started the Fall game shopping season. So far I’ve got copies of Dominion: Prosperity and 7 Wonders coming as soon as the Finnish editions are available. These are must have, and fortunately published by friendly folks at Lautapelit.fi. No trouble getting them, that is. I’m sort of tempted by the limited edition of 7 […]