I’ve started the Fall game shopping season. So far I’ve got copies of Dominion: Prosperity and 7 Wonders coming as soon as the Finnish editions are available. These are must have, and fortunately published by friendly folks at No trouble getting them, that is.

I’m sort of tempted by the limited edition of 7 Wonders and the eighth wonder: choosing Manneken Pis was a stroke of genius. But no, I’ll live without it.

I put in a preorder for Cartouche (the mess with 1860 hasn’t burnt me for preorders). The name annoys me (it is a hieroglyph symbol, actually), but the announcement at BGN intrigued me enough to place an order.

I also bought a copy of Innovation, as that too is a very intriguing game and it seems it’ll take a while before the European version is available. Interesting times.

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