Leaders of Cornucopia

Last Wednesday saw the first tests of two hot new expansions, Dominion: Cornucopia and 7 Wonders: Leaders.

Dominion: Cornucopia boxWe played two games of Dominion, both with lots of Cornucopia cards. These seem fine to me. Tournament is apparently one of the strongest cards in the set and one of the strongest cards in the whole game, but we didn’t buy any. Jester, in the other hand, was absolutely delicious: opponents turn up the top card of their deck. If it’s a score card, they take a Curse. If it’s any other card, either you or them take a copy. Lovely (but not terribly efficient, according to these stats).

All in all, looks like another good set of interesting cards.

7 Wonders is a game in dire need of an expansion. Leaders does the work well, I’d say. It’s fairly simple. If you can play the base game, the expansion is easy to add, and even with newbies involved, using the expansion is possible (the newbies won’t have much clue anyway).

The expansion adds more possibilities, more variety and more interest to a game that’s otherwise a wee bit stale and repetitive. So, a worthy addition. Still, I’m giving my copy of the expansion to my mom who loves the game and selling the base game. The expansion isn’t that good…

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2 responses to “Leaders of Cornucopia”

  1. Thanks for the info. Too bad both fantasy and co-op are significant non-interests for me in board games… But perhaps somebody else is interested. Good luck with your project!