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  • Age of Steam repackaged

    I went and reorganized my Age of Steam set. The box is now reserved for maps, charts and rules (and it’s full — the new Mississippi Steamboats / Golden Spike set will fit, but no more thick sets!). All the bits are in a tackle box. The 24-hole Shakespeare box I had bought earlier held […]

  • Gaming year 2006

    Once again the year is over and it’s time for the year-end report. Here’s 2005 for comparison… Good games published in 2006 Age of Steam: London and Sun, 1830’s Pennsylvania and Northern California — I’ve played one map from each of the Bézier expansions, and loved both. Interesting new concepts, excellent production quality — great […]

  • Hot games for Q4/2006

    Here’s a list of hottest games for the fourth quarter of 2006 for me. This is based on number of plays, my enjoyment of the game and the novelty value, so new games tend to show up higher on the list. You can also check the previous quarter, with completely different games. Celtica — Surprise, […]

  • Helcon 2006

    Helcon 2006 was a blast, and the most successful event of the Board Game Society history with almost 100 participants. I was there for the Saturday (limitation caused by being a parent; unfortunate for the gaming, but rewarding in other ways). I didn’t play that many games, but as you will see, sometimes (well, often) […]

  • New Age of Steam maps

    Like I need more temptations: Bézier Games has published two new Age of Steam maps: London and Sun. Both are designed by JC Lawrence, one of the more interesting people in the web board game scene. The maps seem fabulous, both offering tough, challenging games. Looks like there might an Essen courier available to avoid […]