Age of Steam repackaged

Age of Steam logoI went and reorganized my Age of Steam set. The box is now reserved for maps, charts and rules (and it’s full — the new Mississippi Steamboats / Golden Spike set will fit, but no more thick sets!).

All the bits are in a tackle box. The 24-hole Shakespeare box I had bought earlier held everything well. The tiles are sorted out to make their use easier. It’s a marvel of storage, really!

My wife suggested I cut the pesky oversized Sun / London map to fit the box. Not only that, she took the scissors and let rip, cutting the map pieces neatly in two (she also had to trim the border a bit to make them fit in the box).

The resulting map is slightly harder to use, sure, but the fact that it fits the box makes it so more likely to actually see some play. These days I rarely play games at my place and lugging the big map somewhere else was a pain. She did a great job with the scissors!

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3 responses to “Age of Steam repackaged”

  1. You’re joking about the scissors right? Tell me you’re joking, and this didn’t really happen. It’s giving me the creeping horrors……..

  2. Scissors, wife, and game map don’t mix well! But hey, if it lets you play the game more often, then I guess it’s not a terrible thing.
    Still… *shiver*

  3. Ha! It’s true allright, and she did a neat job cutting the map halves in half. The result is a tidy map that fits in the box, and I’ll be able to play two of the most interesting AoS maps I have.
    It was already in two pieces, after all — now it’s in four. Not a big difference, and I warn you: future cardboard maps that are too large to fit in the AoS box will share this fate!