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  • Oregon, Fresh Fish, Age of Steam

    I missed yesterday’s games, thanks to a 39-degree fever. Nasty. Last week Petri wasn’t present, so we took the opportunity to play games Petri doesn’t care about that much. Unfortunately that list includes Age of Steam… So, of course, that was the first thing on the list. We played the Poland map from Winsome Games. […]

  • Catch-up: Resistance, Age of Steam, Arkadia

    Last Wednesday was a nice day of games. Some Die Dolmengötter, a quick and brutal Innovation and first go at The Resistance, the new Werewolf-style game which is faster and removes the player elimination. It’s an interesting game. Players form two teams. Leader chooses a group to go on a mission. The players on the […]

  • Age of Steam Holland

    My Age of Steam withdrawals were getting nasty, so I had to get the game on table this week. I got a selection of maps with me (Poland, Madagascar, Holland, Europe and America), and with three players Holland seemed like a good option. We did get a fourth player too, but in a way ended […]

  • Math trade results

    Here’s my side of the recent Finnish math trade: I traded 2038 for Days of Steam Bamboleo for Roll through the Ages Epäillyt for Age of Steam: Disco Inferno / Soul Train Fauna for Santiago Fluch der Mumie for Blokus Hornet for Finca Steel Driver for Stephensons Rocket Some of these trades are better than […]

  • Lessons in bankruptcy

    We played Age of Steam today on Ted Alspach’s Oklahoma Land Rush map. It was a pretty rough match. Bankruptcies are pretty rare in Age of Steam, despite the reputation of the game. After today’s game, the amount of bankruptcies I’ve seen so far probably multiplied, as three out of four players went down. Let’s […]

  • Rails in South Carolina

    So, the Age of Steam. I met with Olli and we played the other two-player map in the Bézier set of 1867 Georgia Reconstruction, South Carolina and Oklahoma Land Rush. I’ve already played 1867 Georgia (but haven’t blogged about it for some reason) with Robert back in October 2009, and it was a bit of […]

  • More precise session data

    I did a nice little addition to my board game session database. Previously I’ve been tracking Age of Steam plays by the expansion. That isn’t completely satisfactory, as most expansions include several maps. My software can track expansion plays, so that they count also as plays of the base game — five plays of different […]

  • Gaming Year 2009

    Time for another of these yearly reports, huh (see the 2008 report). This was a fairly quiet year for games. Last year was really good, but we got the second kid this year (see Gaming impact of children)… So, from last year’s 284 plays to this year’s 130 plays and some very quiet time (just […]

  • Zombie Apocalypse — with trains

    We’ve been moving and I’ve been otherwise busy, so I’ve had to skip each board game club meeting in November. Now I was finally able to make it and we got to play the game that’s been right on top of my “want to play” list. Age of Steam — The Zombie Apocalypse. Even the […]

  • Helcon notes, 2009 edition

    Helcon was last weekend. The event was again great success, with lots of good games available. Running the event just week after Essen proved a bit problematic, as some of the games arrived from Essen on Friday, barely in time. I did a day trip for the first time, driving to Helsinki in the morning […]