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  • Combat Commander: Europe

    Review of Combat Commander: Europe in Finnish. I’m definitely an eurogamer — fond of fairly simple games that manage to create complex gameplay from a small ruleset. Yet sometimes I want more. This has been particularly true for war games: Memoir ’44 is fun, but ultimately not enough. In the other hand, Advanced Squad Leader […]

  • Latest crush

    I’ve got this thing with war games. I’d like to have a tactical level war game in my collection. I like Memoir ’44, it works well for what it tries to be, but I’d like something with more detail, more story to it. However, Advanced Squad Leader and other games like it are way too […]

  • War dreams

    I must confess. The guys at the Board Game Society forums have been talking about Advanced Squad Leader a lot, particularly the starter kits. Despite what I’ve said earlier about preferring these detailed strategy games on computer, I’m feeling a small pining for something like that. EastFront is another example of games that have been […]