War dreams

I must confess. The guys at the Board Game Society forums have been talking about Advanced Squad Leader a lot, particularly the starter kits. Despite what I’ve said earlier about preferring these detailed strategy games on computer, I’m feeling a small pining for something like that.

EastFront is another example of games that have been discussed that I would actually like to try. I know I won’t — before I might’ve bought the games, drooled over them and yearn to play them. Now I realize I don’t have the money to buy them or the time or company to play them. Were my surroundings different — if there was no child, if I was single or living with someone who’d enjoy the games as well — I would be at them right away.

Now, I am satisfied with the situation as it is. I have enough big games waiting to be played (that and 30 euros made me sell Power Grid, even though I like it a lot — of course, there’s also the fact that in any situation where I’d be able to play my Power Grid, I’d probably prefer Age of Steam), and I’m getting Roads and Boats anyway, whether I get to play it or not (and it’s bloody expensive, too, considering my current financial situation).

And hey, times might change. Maybe at some point I find myself having both time and the company to share something like ASL. After all, I’m raising a future gamer now. I’m trying very hard to avoid building up huge expectations — he might end up hating board games, and I have to love him anyway — but I can’t help thinking about it. Maybe one day I will live with someone who’s interested in exploring long and complicated games with me?

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