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  • Attribut in Finnish at BSW

    Thanks to Markku’s great efforts, a Finnish version of Attribut is now available at BrettSpielWelt. We had the first official games yesterday, and it was a blast. The game’s so much better in Finnish!

  • Finnish Board Game Society in BSW

    Today is the first Board Game Society BrettSpielWelt event. It started at noon, I had an hour or two to spend there. There was already about dozen people online, and more will come later, I’m sure. It’s a nice idea. Most of the face-to-face events have been in Helsinki, which is far from most places […]

  • Board game club: Antike, Antike!

    Board game club met last Sunday. It was a good meeting, with lots of people, some new faces and active gaming. After a warm-up game of Flix Mix (I’m still unbeaten in this game), we started a six-player Antike. That was one of my main wishes for the meeting, trying Antike with five or six. […]

  • Large group games: Werewolf and Attribute

    I spent Wednesday and Thursday on a cruise to Stockholm with the other writers from Enter magazine. There was some official programme, but the evenings were reserved for games. I was asked to bring games, as was Hanna, the other board gamer in Enter writers. I had underestimated the size of the group, so we […]

  • Board game club session: Attribute, Australia

    We had a rather pleasant board game club session yesterday. Since Johanna was away on a cruise with her friends, I played until midnight with the last enthusiasts. It was fun, though a bit too late perhaps to be done on regular basis. This session report will be in pieces, because there were so many […]

  • BSW session: Diamant, Attribute (finally!)

    I did two BrettSpielWelt sessions today. I tried to recruit folks from Boardgame Society forums, but with no luck. I got some general interest, but nobody joined me. On my first visit I played seven games of Diamant. It’s a new filler game from Alan Moon and Bruno Faidutti. It’s a push-your-luck game: players are […]

  • BrettSpielWelt session

    It’s been a while since my last BrettSpielWelt session. Six months, actually! Well, nothing’s changed over there, just a new game or few. However, playing anything except the standards proved to be pretty hard, as usual. I got in five games of San Juan, with two and three players. The three-player games proved to be […]

  • Christmas games

    I’ve been playing some games with Johanna during the holidays. I wanted to introduce Attika to Johanna. I thought she might like it, the whole constructive attitude of the game. In the other hand, I thought it might be a bit too complicated. It turned out well. We both played a good game (I suspect […]