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  • Finnish Game of the Year finalists

    Finalists for the Finnish Game of the Year awards are out. Children’s games: Mighty Magpies (Harakkavarkaat) — Tactic Geistertreppe (Kummitusportaat) — Marektoy / Drei Magier Schatz der Drachen (Lohikäärmeen aarre) — Marektoy / Winning Moves Family games: Cranium CADOO — Danspil Ticket to Ride (Menolippu) — Lautapelit.fi / Days of Wonder Verflixxt (Sellaista sattuu) — […]

  • Spiel des Jahres 2005: Niagara

    Niagara wins the coveted Spiel des Jahres 2005 award. Hooray for Zoch; this is their second win in few years (previous award was 2002 for Villa Paletti). My first guess for winner was Around the World in 80 Days, since Kosmos hasn’t recieved the award in ten years (last time was 1995 with, of course, […]

  • Finnish Game of the Year candidates

    Finnish Game of the Year candidates haven’t been published yet, but I happen to have inside contacts and thus knowledge. Finnish readers can check the list of the candidates for the best adult and family games from the Boardgame Society forum, here’s a quick overview: Best kids’ game: the most interesting entrants are Geistertreppe, the […]

  • Finnish Players’ Picks 2004

    Ok, finally: Finnish Players’ Picks 2004 voting is over, votes have been tallied and I can announce the results: Puerto Rico wins, again. Carcassonne is second and catches up, losing only by two votes. Once again, there’s a GeekList of the top games (here’s last year’s list). The whole list can be seen at the […]

  • Finnish Players’ Picks, coming right up!

    Friday’s are slow at work. Thus, I had plenty of time to tally the votes for the Finnish Players’ Picks. However, I’m not telling you anything yet, you’ll have to wait for another boring day at work before I do the GeekList. All I’m saying that top of the list had both same old hits […]

  • International Gamers Awards 2004

    The winner of the International Gamers Awards is St. Petersburg. Neat. When I wrote about the nominees, I wished but didn’t expect it to win. Now the game has won both IGA and DSP awards — my taste in games is better than I thought, it seems. It is no surprise that I was correct […]

  • Finnish Game of the Year 2004: Carcassonne

    Carcassonne wins the Finnish Game of the Year 2004 award. As we all know, Settlers of Catan didn’t make it, not even to the finals. However, it got a special mention as an interesting, new kind of game. So basically, I think that reads great game, but too complicated for the award. Finalists included Yundao, […]

  • St. Petersburg wins DSP!

    It’s Deutscher Spiele Preis awards time. According to Mik’s DSP 2004 page, 2, 341 gamers cast their votes to determine the best game of 2004. Winner is St. Petersburg and — no surprises here — I think it’s well deserved. I can also agree with San Juan placing second. I’ve played eight games out of […]

  • Voting procedures

    In general I prefer awards handed out by a well-chosen jury with a clear agenda. Public voting prefers the popular games too much. For example, the winner of the Finnish Players’ Picks 2004 is fairly easy to guess — there aren’t many games that could do it. My bet is Carcassonne and if it doesn’t […]

  • Finnish Players’ Picks 2004

    Last year I queried the Finnish gamers for their favourites in Finnish Players’ Picks 2003 vote. Now it’s time for the 2004 vote! If you’re Finnish or live in Finland, head to voting page to learn more. And if you can’t read Finnish, just e-mail me for more information!