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  • Biberbande

    I’ve had a good writing mood going on. Latest result is a review of Biberbande. Biberbande is another Amigo five euro card game. Their selection is amazing, the production quality of the games is top-notch and often the price is dirt cheap. In this case, the price is about right, because Biberbande offers considerably less […]

  • Boardgame club session: Black Vienna, Fish Eat Fish, Dia de los Muertos

    What a perfect little boardgame club meeting! I was there under three hours, and still managed to play all the three games I wanted to play and then some! Our session started with Black Vienna, once again. And guess what — nobody was able to figure out the correct combination of criminals. Olli M. was […]

  • Train game club meeting

    Our board game club met yesterday. The attendance was low, just eight people. However, a group of Diplomacy players shared the space with us and brought some life. Ticket to Ride was very much the game of the day. I had played a game with Johanna earlier, but now I got to play the game […]

  • Board game club meeting

    The board game club season opened well yesterday. We had about 15 attendees, which is a good amount considering our premises. It wasn’t completely ordinary event, though. There was a photographer from the Finnish home journal Kotiliesi, taking pictures for an article that they are doing. It’ll be a great article! He took some pictures […]

  • Adam Spielt order

    Our latest Adam Spielt order has been made. Next week I should get the following games: PitchCar — A must after the Lahti weekend. Simply too much fun to miss this one. I wasn’t interested in this before I tried, it’s unbelievable how fun such a simple game can be. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde […]

  • Rest of the gaming weekend

    The previous entry covers the games of Friday. This one tells the tale from Saturday to Sunday. It’s a long story, but hopefully of interest at least to someone. Last Saturday was a full day of gaming. I woke up at about ten am and started the morning working on some Go problems. Then, after […]

  • Games from last Friday

    Last weekend I visited my good friend Tommy and we had a great weekend full of fun and games. I’m going to write session reports about the whole weekend, a day at a time because they’re going to be a bit longer — lots of new games, you see. I’ll start with Friday. I came […]