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  • About reviewing games

    A typical subject for discussion is how many times a reviewer should play a game before reviewing it? I know I’ve lowered my standards as I’ve written more and more reviews and I’ve even written reviews based on one play of the game (and even part of one play, as was the case with Time…

  • Bad rules of Victory & Honor

    Peter Sarrett writes about bad rules, mentioning Victory & Honor as an example. He’s spot on: Victory & Honor has probably the worst rulebook I’ve ever seen in a good game. I practically threw the rule book across the room three times while explaining the rules. It took us MUCH longer than it should have…

  • Maharaja

    Brian Bankler writes in his blog about Maharaja and manages to sum up lots of good reasons why not to like the game. Positive feedback is probably one of the worst, when building palaces gets you more money to build more palaces! I’m considering should I even try to make an effort to play the…

  • New blog

    Brian Bankler has a new blog called The Tao of Gaming. The title is familiar to many, as that’s also the name of his old website. He has an RSS feed, which unfortunately doesn’t have full entries. His latest entry, Truly, you have a dizzying intellect is a good read.

  • Year-end report format

    Mark Johnson’s Games Played in 2004 is an interesting year-end report. I just might use his format next year, if I remember to take a look at it before I start doing mine.

  • Pulsipher and the changes in the hobby

    I finally got around reading Lewis Pulsipher’s (designer of Britannia) article on changes in the boardgame hobby. It’s a good read and has some pretty good points, too. Many people who prefer complex games have moved to computer games is an obvious one in my opinion: I can’t see why I should waste time crunching…

  • New translation: Die Sieben Siegel

    A sure sign of me getting new card games: new translations. I wrote a Finnish translation of the rules of Dorra’s Die Sieben Siegel. It looks like a fun game and it’s fairly high on my list of games I haven’t tried yet but sure would love to. Also noted is the appearance of Spiel…

  • Game Central Station is back!

    Mark Jackson is back with his Game Central Station. It’s nice to have it back, with a new, improved URL and all. Some of the stuff is still missing, the Departures page has no links to any blogs, but hey, it’s just fine. Some will find Color of the Wind, Alan Moon’s White Wind newsletters…

  • Inconsequential Ruminations moves

    Inconsequential Iain joins the ranks of people moving from Movable Type to WordPress. If you’ve been reading (and if not, check his blog out, it’s a good read), note his new RSS feed.

  • New blog added: Chris Lohroff

    I noticed Chris Lohroff has a games-related blog. It’s called Chris’s Game Comments. It’s a Blogger blog, so there’s an Atom feed as well.