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  • New blog: Settling Catan

    A new blog was brought to my attention: Settling Catan. From the start it seems it’s mostly about game reviews. That’s nice. Go check it out!

  • Reasons for enjoying games

    I came across a rather interesting blog entry about enjoying games. The author cites three aspects on which he finds games stimulating: intelligence, imagination and social. It’s easy to come up with games that provide intellectual stimulation, but not much else. I think most two-player abstract strategy games fall into this category. It’s a weakness…

  • Boardgames To-Go moves in

    Mark Johnson’s boardgame blog Boardgames To-Go has moved in! Hopefully his archives will soon follow.

  • New game blog

    This weekend I worked on a new blog. It’s about console and computer games — since I’ve started playing video games more, I’ve also felt a need to write about them (natural instinct to me, I suppose). The new blog is called Pelimerkinnät (Game notes) and as you might guess from the title, it’s in…

  • Interesting game page

    Iain linked to Jacob Davenport’s article on game design to illustrate a point about petty diplomacy in games. I was planning to link to that article, because I found it interesting, but then happened to take a look at the page above it, Jacob Davenport’s home page. It’s an interesting collection of game-related stuff, definitely…

  • Union Pacific

    Chris Brooks has also played Union Pacific and enjoyed it. That reminded me: has anyone tried to play the game without using the board? I think you could just play the trains on the table without placing them on the board. The board is quite large and has little significance in the game — at…

  • Blog sighting

    Musings, Ramblings, and Things Left Unsaid seems like an interesting blog. It covers boardgames and books, basically, and — it certainly doesn’t hurt — links to me. This I found through Iain’s blog.

  • New blog found

    I happened to find a new blog related to board games. Boardgameplayer.com by Ken Rumsey is a fairly new blog, started in December 2003. There’s a RSS feed, too.

  • The Games Journal and a new blog

    The February Games Journal is out. There isn’t much to read, but check out the letters section for an interesting letter about Terra. There’s also a new blog about games. Michael Chapel is the Austin BoardGamer. He also has a RSS feed.

  • New blog

    There’s a new board game blog in the blogosphere. Inconsequential ruminations is written by Iain Cheyne, who should be a familiar name for you if you’ve read the comments here. There’s nothing much there yet, though.