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  • Himalaya

    Review of Himalaya in Finnish. Himalaya appeared on many radars when it was nominated for Spiel des Jahres in 2005. The game was formerly known as Marchands d’Empire and available as print-and-play. The new edition, published by Tilsit and by Marektoy in Finland, is rethemed: medieval traders became yak caravans in Himalaya. The new theme […]

  • Elasund and Farlander — final sessions

    I met the two Ollis and Antti from Board Game Society forums (he was picking up the Power Grid he bought from me) for games last Thursday. Little I knew that our peaceful off-season university cafe would be overrun by the attendents of a psychology conference… Well, we had a table for ourselves nonetheless, so […]

  • New game session: Farlander, Terra Nova

    Once again I met Olli for games, this time focusing on new material. We started with Farlander, since Olli had just bumped into it in a shop. The game looks nice, and inside the pretty box lies a simple war game. It’s so simple and minimalistic that I’m having a hard time calling it a […]

  • Dos Rios

    I got Dos Rios yesterday. I’m not too keen on Franz-Benno Delonge’s work (well, TransAmerica), but Dos Rios had such a neat idea in the river system that I just wanted to try it out. I’m not expecting too much, if it’s good I’m surprised positively. I’m afraid it might be too tactical and chaotic, […]

  • Fluxx

    I wrote a review of Fluxx. Finnish readers can go and read it. Fluxx is a very simple game to teach. The rules are “Draw one card from the deck, play one card from your hand”. That’s it. No victory conditions or anything useless like that. The point is that almost every card changes the […]