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  • 4 Winds Mah Jong again

    Yesterday I re-installed 4 Winds Mah Jong, now that I have a Windows laptop in addition to my Mac. It’s still as good as it was in 2002 when I bought it. The game shines when practising new rule sets, particularly those with minimum scores — always pesky for new players. Having a computer opponent […]

  • Yspahan for Windows

    I finally got around downloading Westpark Gamers PC version of Yspahan. It’s from the same guy who did the St. Petersburg PC version. It’s a good game. It took me few games to figure it out — since I was too lazy to read the rules properly — but after few rounds I got it. […]

  • Jim’s San Juan

    If you like San Juan and have a Mac, go get Jim’s San Juan (zip packet, almost five megs). It’s a very good computer version of the card game. The user interface is very smooth and easy to use. The AI is fairly good, but not superb. I’ve only lost once to any of the […]

  • Large group games: Werewolf and Attribute

    I spent Wednesday and Thursday on a cruise to Stockholm with the other writers from Enter magazine. There was some official programme, but the evenings were reserved for games. I was asked to bring games, as was Hanna, the other board gamer in Enter writers. I had underestimated the size of the group, so we […]

  • St. Petersburg PC version

    Chris Brooks mentioned the St. Petersburg PC version. I downloaded it (it’s available at the Westpark Gamers website) and tried it. It’s neat, but the user interface looks like it’s done by an engineer and not a designer. However, it works — only thing I’m missing is the cards other players have bought. They are […]

  • Puerto Rico for PC

    Boardgameplayer links to the screenshots of the Puerto Rico PC game. The game looks quite pretty, but I hope the pretty 3d art isn’t the only way to play the game — it just doesn’t look that effective user interface. It’s pretty, that’s for sure. Well, we’ll see if we’ll even see the game outside […]

  • Kronberger games

    I got Tom Tube and Bonobo Beach today. I know Tom Tube to be an excellent game (I’ve played it before) and Bonobo Beach at least looks interesting, despite what people have said about it. I also did a Finnish translation of Tom Tube (and will do Bonobo Beach/Cronberg). Those should be available at the […]

  • Go

    I got myself a new Go opponent: GNU Go with Jago user interface. I have an installation of older GNU Go on one of my Unix shell accounts, but for some reason I hadn’t thought of getting it on my home PC. Well, now I have it so I can play real 19×19 Go against […]

  • Computer games & Mah Jong

    You won’t see me writing about computer games often; I don’t play them much and when I play, it’s usually just to kill time. Of course, there’s no better way to kill time than to play Civilization (or Alpha Centauri) — oops, there goes another six hours… During the last few years, I’ve only bought […]