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You won’t see me writing about computer games often; I don’t play them much and when I play, it’s usually just to kill time. Of course, there’s no better way to kill time than to play Civilization (or Alpha Centauri) — oops, there goes another six hours…

During the last few years, I’ve only bought two computer games. First one, I think it was in January this year or so, was Four Winds Mah Jong version 1.x. Second one, just last week, was Four Winds Mah Jong version 2.0. What I hear you say? You see there a pattern, do you?

I can’t help it — it’s the best computer game I’ve played in a while. Mah Jong itself is one of my favourite games and Four Winds is perhaps the best computer version of it. It’s easy to use and the new version knows the rules to over 20 versions of the game — and if it doesn’t know your version, you can always create a custom rule set. It’s shareware, and what’s best, it’s Finnish. So it was really obvious to buy it instead of seeking out a pirate copy.

If you’re into Mah Jong and especially if you think you can’t play it often enough (maybe your friends are a bit boring or something), do yourself a favour and get Four Winds. You won’t regret it!

And if you don’t know what Mah Jong is, find out. Finnish readers are advised to check out Kejimajiangmi web site for very good and well explained rule set, English-speaking readers (and Finns too, after reading KJMJM rules), should check out Tom Sloper’s Mah-Jongg page.

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  1. Am interested in locating a computer game, Mah Jong Militarty rules. Can someone help me, please