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  • Thursday session: Riichi again

    After a quick round of Da Vinci Code, it wasn’t hard to get a Mahjong table going. There were more than four interested players. We used the new set I had bought. It’s a cheap set, made in China but Japanese in style. That means it’s small (the tiles seemed very small the first time […]

  • Visiting Jyväskylä: Villa Paletti, Da Vinci Code, Agricola

    I was visiting my parents in Jyväskylä this weekend and as usual, games were played. We started already in the afternoon with Villa Paletti. I like the game, and this reminded me why. It’s just so much fun. The last game we played was particularly delicious. The lowest level was supported by three small pillars: […]

  • Games weekend at Tommy’s

    Last weekend was the traditional annual games weekend at Tommy’s. Third time already! Unfortunately the weekend wasn’t quite the success it set out to be, as I fell sick and had to leave. We did get an evening of games on Friday and some games on Saturday and the guys continued until evening, but from […]

  • Jyväskylä game weekend

    Last weekend in Jyväskylä was good gaming time. As usual, I brought a bunch on games we played a lot. It’s refreshingly different, playing the same games over and over again instead of playing a variety of games just once or twice. I won’t bother with detailed session reports, but here’s a rundown of the […]

  • Fish night

    Johanna was out having a party with her friends, so I took the opportunity and invited my usual posse of Robert, Olli and Ari for some games. We started with Fresh Fish which I had finally picked up earlier today. It sure was a brain-bender! We played twice and in the second game got the […]

  • DaVinci Code

    Another review up: DaVinci Code. I know it’s a bit early to review the game, because I only have played the game few times and always with three players, but knowing that my opportunities to play pretty much anything this year are quite slim, I thought I’d like to get the review out for Christmas […]

  • Boardgame club session: Intrige, Geschenkt

    Erkka and Robert were first to arrive, so we kicked the session off with two games of Da Vinci Code. It’s a good game and really a good choice for the club. It’s easy to learn (even learning by reading the rules is quick and easily done), plays fast and despite being kind of lucky, […]

  • DaVinci Code

    I finally got a copy of Da Vinci Code aka Coda. For Finnish readers, Suomalainen kirjakauppa has them. This year all we have is a German box with a sticker on it but with Finnish and Swedish rules. Early next year there should be a completely Finnish edition, which is available in the usual stores. […]

  • Pre-Helcon games

    Helcon is history and it’s time to write another lengthy epic on the games played. The event was a wild success, with over 50 visitors during the two days. The place we had was practically full during the Saturday afternoon. There’s definitely new event next year, but we might be forced to look for a […]

  • New Games Journal is out

    The Games Journal has been notable for it’s steady schedule. This month it was late for the first time in a long time. That’s a shame, but fortunately the delay wasn’t long. The issue is a thin one, too. There’s an interesting review of Coda, which piqued my interest. Here’s Coda at Geek. I think […]