DaVinci Code

I finally got a copy of Da Vinci Code aka Coda. For Finnish readers, Suomalainen kirjakauppa has them. This year all we have is a German box with a sticker on it but with Finnish and Swedish rules. Early next year there should be a completely Finnish edition, which is available in the usual stores. If you want it now, Suomalainen kirjakauppa is the only option as far as I know. They have discounted it already: the boxes had two price tags, 19.90 and 12.90 euros.

I’m looking forward to introducing the game in the board game club Sunday. It should make a good filler. We’ve had some trouble with too long games in the beginning of the meetings, from now on I’ll try to focus on short filler games until enough people have arrived.

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One response to “DaVinci Code”

  1. I can really recommend it 🙂 this summer I bought my version in an English bookshop and have played it many times with my family. Great game