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  • Nacht der Magier

    I played a game of Nacht der Magier with Johanna yesterday. We played in light; it was nice to see the game worked well without the darkness effect. It’s better in the dark, but fine in light. Thus, a review in Finnish. Nacht der Magier, Magician’s Night, has a rare gimmick. The game is played […]

  • Halli Galli

    Here’s my Finnish Halli Galli review. Halli Galli is an entertaining speed game. Each player has a deck of cards. The cards are turned over one by one in turn, so that each player has a discard pile in front of them. Whenever the top cards of the piles show exactly five fruits of a […]

  • FinDipCon VIII

    I spent the weekend in FinDipCon VIII in Helsinki. It was a pleasant event, as they usually are, with lots of games played. The Diplomacy tournament was of course the main event: the Finnish Diplomacy champion in 2006 is Juho Malin. Another big deal was William Attia’s presentation (or discussion) about Caylus. Unfortunately I had […]

  • Just an idea…

    Last night I came up with a brilliant idea. Since curling is the second most popular sport in the Winter olympics in Finland (can’t beat ice hockey), here’s a game idea to take advantage of that: Curling Crokinole! It’s simple: Crokinole on a board shaped after a curling field. Players try to flick their disks […]

  • Gulo Gulo

    I tried Gulo Gulo with Johanna recently. It’s a children’s game from Wolfgang Kramer and collaborators. The idea is simple: players advance on a path, trying to reach the end. What makes Gulo Gulo stand out is the method of movement. Players move by picking small wooden eggs from a bowl! If you want to […]

  • Blockster

    I wrote a review of Blockster (in Finnish and sorry, no naked ladies on the marginals). Blockster is a small dexterity game, where players are trying to stack small plastic pieces according to cards. There’s a timer to add pressure! When someone fails, everybody else scores a point. The basic idea is nice, but the […]

  • Board game club session: Antike, Caylus

    Yesterday’s board game club session — first and last for me this season, unfortunately — was quite nice. Some new folks, some good games. I started with a quick match of Blockster with Laura. It’s a simple game, played with a bunch of rectangular plastic pieces. Players build a tower. Each turn they draw a […]

  • Monumento, High Society

    Monumento was the last game I reviewed on the old site and High Society is the first one on the new. Monumento (or Make’n’Break) is a very simple dexterity game. The player in turn takes ten large colourful wooden blocks and a deck of cards. When the timer is started, he or she turns up […]

  • Mental dexterity games

    Mindball stretches definitions. It looks like a dexterity game, but instead of your muscles, you control the ball with your brains. In order to move the ball (or the magnets controlling the ball) towards your opponents end, you must relax. The system monitors Alpha and Theta waves of the brains and whoever chills out most […]

  • PitchCar

    I wrote a review of PitchCar in Finnish. I also wrote a review in the Geek, but that’s not yet available. See the PitchCar Geek page, maybe it’s there when you read this. Anyway, I think it’s a brilliant game. It looks spectacular and is great fun to play. It should work with just about […]